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Community News

Friends of the Library hold a monthly book sale to raise money to fund the Cameron Park Public Library. Contact the library or Friends of the Library to find out how you can donate your used books.

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Automotive Industry News

Effective September 2010, automotive repair facilities are required to check and adjust tire pressure to manufacturer-recommended tire pressure rating. Repair facilities are required to indicate tire pressure measurement on repair invoice. The customer may decline if:

  • The tire pressure has been checked in the last 30 days, or
  • The customer will perform tire pressure check in the next 7 days.

Legislative bill AB1332, authored by Donnelly and introduced in February 2011, would abolish the State Air Resources Board and transfer its authority to CAL EPA.

Legislative bill SB901, authored by Steinberg and introduced February 2011, would make the Consumer Assistance Program for vehicle retirement available only to the highest polluting vehicles, with a priority given to those vehicles registered in non-attainment areas.




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